Hippocrates Farm is an aspiring agrifood project, started 3 years ago by a team of people of different professional backgrounds but one common goal: To create an open Agro touristic farm, that could be home to excellent natural products with proven positive effect to the human body and mind but also to offer unique experiences for the farm’s employees, volunteers and visitors.

In Hippocrates Farm we follow the essence of Hippocratic medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. We put it into life, in a piece of fertile land of 20 acres, on the mountains of central Greece, surrounded by emblematic landmarks such as the holly rocks of Meteora and mountain Olympus.

In this farm, we grow absolutely naturally, the best foods Mother Nature can offer to humans. Using stringent procedures and practices for organic farming, we aspire to give the opportunity to different groups of people to share with us the full natural experience, reviving a deserted rural area of unique beauty.


Our future plans encompass, design of accommodation, relaxation and education facilities, with full respect to the natural beauty of the surroundings, so that our visitors can experience the joy of agriculture and nature at its best. For the time being, we are focusing on new cultivation methods and innovative processes that can upgrade the quality and nutritional characteristics of our beneficial crops, through intensive R&D.

Out of all the beneficial plants that could thrive in our area, we have chosen the one of the highest beneficial profile, known to humans since antiquity: the incomparable sea buckthorn.


Sea buckthorn is loaded with 190 different bioactive nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, Omega fatty acids and many more. The fruit is an absolute power house of nutrients!

At Hippocrates Farm, we cultivate, process and market, the best organic sea buckthorn, as a pleasant everyday food, so that people can benefit the most out of it. We started doing so, through the osmotic low temperature process, an innovative dehydration method that keeps all the goodness of the fresh fruit.

To accomplish our goals, we teamed up with NIG GmbH, a worldwide leading company in sea buckthorn R&D that provides scientific and engineering knowledge, guarantying top quality and maximum functionality in all product development stages.

To reach the markets, we are based on our commercial partner, Rezos Brands, a leading company in the super foods industry in Greece, that is distributing nationwide major global brands and local own brands, to top food retailers and luxury hotel chains in Greece (Delhaize/Ahold, Metro Group, Starwoods, Marriot etc.).

Forming this team, we intend to improve our vertical business model, from cultivation, to harvesting, processing and marketing functional and tasty sea buckthorn products.

In cooperation with Rezos Brands, we have launched Osmotic Sea Buckthorn, Osmotic Sea Buckthorn Juice and chocolate covered osmotic sea buckthorn.

We are now focusing on the next big thing for us: a new series of innovative organic products based on 85% cocoa chocolate, enriched with sea buckthorn extract and oat based cereal with sea buckthorn and mountain tea extract. It is all about making functional, exciting and delicious!

We have already started to apply the sea buckthorn paradigm to other beneficial plants such as the Greek mountain tea, another Greek superfood with scientifically proven favorable effects for the human body and mind. A new crop of organic Greek mountain tea has been already planted, while the Rezos Brands R&D department is researching new innovative uses and applications that can bring its benefits to the European market. And our intention in Hippocrates Farm is to do so, with as many superfoods as possible!


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